Face & Hair Empties

First empties post!

My Dream Workspace

I pretty much do most of my blogging work on my bed. Sometimes for a change of view, I opt for the living room but, let me be honest here, nothing beats doing work on the bed. It's chill, relaxing, and comfy. I love my bed to bits but I really dream of having my own workspace. A place I can consider my zone, something with a table, a chair, some cabinets with all of my stuff in, and maybe a rug. Here, let me show you how I envision my own workspace if I ever get one.

White Base, Five Designs

White polish is a staple in every nail polish addict's stash. It's a basic color alongside black, nude, red, and pink. Personally, it's a color I wish I could pull off. I have major envy on Shay Mitchell (aka Emily Fields on PLL) because she can rock white polish like no other, both on the show and in real life! If you're like me who thinks she can't pull off white on her nails, fret not. I found a loophole! NAIL ART (or something like that).

A Lightweight Primer That Won't Break the Bank

Quick-ish review.

I first saw this product in one of Say's videos about a year ago. I was looking for a primer I could use, something that's quite affordable and can be easily bought. Apparently, this product is housed solely (I think) in Watsons so off I went and bought one for myself. Here's the verdict.

A Downsized Version of My Eyeliner Kit

I used to be one of those people who takes 90% of their makeup stash with them, especially when they travel. I used to do this before but since last year, I've learned to pack lightly aka bring the things I know I'll definitely use, not the things I think I'll use. For my makeup stash, I only bring what I usually need, both for personal and professional use. I took the time to sort out everything and that included my eyeliners. I used to bring every single liner with me but most of the time I don't use 60% of them. Here are the 40% I always use and the ones I now always bring with me.

The Nail Polish Remover I'm Currently Obsessed With

Yes, I'm talking about nail polish removers now. :))

Anyway, just thought I'd share this because it was a a very satisfactory discovery for me. I love wearing nail polishes with various finishes so nail polish remover is a staple in my stash. I like my nail polishes tough on paint yet gentle on the skin. Over time I've tried various ones, from bottled ones to soaked pads. So far, my favorite was a Maybelline one, the one with the pink liquid in a bottle. I wasn't able to repurchase it because they already discontinued the product so from 2011/2012-ish up to now, the polish remover I use is the Cutex Nail Polish Remover. I started using it when I saw it in Watsons SG and they were on sale; S$5.99 for a big bottle + small bottle. Awesomesauce, right? I've already tried three variants, the Regular, the Strengthening, and Regular Lemon. All are effective and great in dissolving nail polishes. Unfortunately, they weren't on sale the last time I was in Singapore but another brand was- Sally Hansen.

I'm so glad I got a bottle of the Sally Hansen Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover. For starters, I got it for around S$4/5 which was almost a dollar cheaper than the not-on-sale bottle of Cutex. I was finally able to use it a few days ago to remove the current mani I had on. I was so impressed the moment I used it. I'm gonna just get it out of the way: it's better than the Cutex polish remover. When I use the Cutex remover, I make sure the cotton pad is 70% soaked with liquid.  But with the Sally Hansen remover, 70% goes a long way. I can already remove the polish on four-six of my fingers before reaching for a new pad. It's so freaking effective, it's crazy.

Another reason I'm obsessed with it: the scent. It doesn't have that standard acetone-y scent. It smells a bit like cologne or a mild hand lotion. It smells so good I could sniff it all day (not a good idea though, just sayin'). On my hands, it definitely didn't feel drying. It didn't dry up my cuticles nor the skin around my nails. Thumbs up! Gonna try the other variants once I finish this up! x

Beauty Cheat Sheet: Summer Glow

Summer months here in our country may be over but good thing sunny days aren't. If there's one thing we all want, it's a perfect summer glow all year, am I right? That bronze-y, glowy, I-just-got-from-the-beach vibe. Pegs in life: Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima.