Challenged by Adore Me: Lashes & Lingerie!

It's sexy time. ;)

BTS: Mikki

Had a morning shoot at House of Style with kuya Chris Reyes yesterday. I worked with the lovely Mikki, a 21 year old Filipino-American who's currently based in Bali. She's not a model by profession; she holds a position in the management department of a resort in Seminyak and she's also a graphic artist. She shared some stories with us, including the fact that she'll be flying back to Bali tomorrow (meaning today) when she was supposed to fly yesterday (Sunday) because her assistant had some booking/rebooking issues, that the processing for an Indonesian work pass takes two days, not one, that her parents are moving to Dubai but she'll be staying in Bali, and that her mom are friends with It girls, Georgina Wilson and Solenn Heussaff. Damn, girl, how wonderful your stories are.

Our shoot was beach-themed, chosen by Mikki, so there were a lot of beachwear involved. I did a simple bronze-y eye on her and added some contour/bronzer. Didn't want to go overboard since she already has a good tan! Oh, and did I mention that her hair's like the ultimate beach hair? I'm jealous! So I just left it as is. Here's more photos from the shoot. Enjoy! x


I did it on a whim.

Like, seriously. I saw a jewelry store, saw a group of friends get pierced, thought, "hey, me too!", went to the lady, picked a stud, got pierced. Wham bam.

I've always wanted to get pierced. Lobe and helix piercings are so cool and don't even get me started with my favorite: industrial. There was a point in my life (around 3 months ago) when I wanted an industrial so bad. I thought it was so cool and badass! However, getting one is one painful journey and I'm too chicken to do it. Maybe one day.

So back to my story. A week ago, I wandered around Bugis Street and did a little bit of shopping. I was just walking around when I saw this store that sells jewelry and offers piercing as well. So I did it. Alone. I felt badass. I felt more badass when I went for a helix piercing. No reason at all but it felt right. A third lobe piercing felt a bit newbie-ish, you know? So tada! I got a new piercing.

The store I'm talking about is, located at the second floor of Bugis Street. Basically, you buy a pair of earrings fit for piercing that cost S$4 and they'll do the piercing with a gun. Yes yes, piercing with a gun's dangerous for the cartilage but I'm on my 10th day now and it's healing perfectly. On my 8th day, I went back and had the jewelry replaced for a much better one for S$6. Again, they did the whole replacing thing, quite painlessly I say. I cannot recommend this store enough. They're awesome and very accommodating. If my helix is healed enough, I'm coming back for a lobe!

Anyway, that's that. I'll be doing several posts about the piercing, mainly the experience and aftercare. I may be making a big deal about it considering I only have one but it's a big step for me and I want to share it, especially to those who are considering to get one. Piercing related stuff coming your way! :D

A Lil Watsons Haul

I still have a few days here in Singapore before I fly back to Manila but I thought it was time to start shopping for supplies. I like shopping for makeup stuff here in SG because there's a lot of options here and some items are cheaper than the ones in Manila, I went to Watsons two days ago and here's what I got.

The main reason I went to Watsons was to pick up the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water. I swear by Biore's Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip (note to self: must restock!) so I'm really excited to try their version of micellar water. I opted to get the small bottle to test out although I'm so tempted to get one more, you know, for good measure. :P

Hallelujah, the Watsons Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes is back in my life! This is probably the only makeup wipe I love. I didn't really expect a lot from it the first time I bought it but after using it, I became a fan. It works wonderfully! I swear it works better than Biore's Facial Sheets and it's cheaper too. The best part is: I got it on sale! 2 for S$5.90 (-ish)? Score!

Another Biore product I got is my fave Black Pore Pack. I still have a pack and a half of it back in Manila but I wasn't able to bring some here. My nose is begging to have a nose strip sesh like RIGHT NOW so a new pack it is. Besides, you can't have enough nose strips in your stash, amirite?

Last item I got is essence Colour & Go 101 Absolute Pure. Looking at it now, I'm not sure if it's a top coat. For starters, it doesn't say so in the bottle. So like, is it just clear polish? Which technically is a top coat? WAIT, WHAT. I'll update you all on this one. Don't worry, momma's gonna get some answers. ;)

And that's it! I think I have another beauty haul on the way but it's more like a beauty dump than a haul. :)) Still a work in progress but do watch out for that! I'll also put up a couple of interesting posts in the next couple of days that may or may not be about piercings. Teehee.

Two Thumbs Up: Avocado on Toast

I'm going to open this blog post by saying that I'm not a big fan of avocado. Growing up, the only thing with avocado my mom made was avocado "ice cream", made with three ingredients: mashed avocados, milk, and sugar. It'll then be put in the freezer for several hours until it sets. It's good but it's something I'd pass up if I had a choice.

Fast forward to now, avocados are pretty much the big thing. I mean, it's everywhere! Vegans love it, people with gluten allergy adore it, people on diets have it 24/7...not gonna lie, it baffled me. Why are people suddenly so obsessed with it?? So now that I'm a bit older and more open to anything food related, I decided to give avocados a try. Not as an ingredient for homemade ice cream but an ingredient for something savory and room temp.